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Love 1-800-Snorkel! – 5 Stars

Love Garrett & 1-800 Snorkel. We booked our kayaks over the phone. The delivery driver met us at our location. He gave us some basic tips on kayaking & also recommended some cool places to check out while on the water. We had a wonderful time. When we were finished, the driver came to us & picked up the kayaks. It was so easy. Simple & very good experience.

Morse Priestly

Hands down the best – 5 Stars

1-800-Snorkel is the hands down the best kayak guide/rental company on Maui The drivers are knowledgeable about the ocean conditions, natural environment and take the extra steps to protect our precious resources. The double kayak that we rented was in great shape and allowed us to navigate easily for a great offshore adventure with friends and family. I would recommend this kayak rental company.

Alvin George

These guys are great! – 5 Stars

These guys are great! We were excited about going kayaking while on Maui but we didn’t know how to go about renting kayaks. Found 1-800 Snorkel online and within a couple of hours, we were on the water. I really loved that they delivered the kayaks to us & picked them up for free. Made it really easy for us. No hassle. I would recommend this company.

Michael Tawney

Knowledgeable and friendly – 5 Stars

Great prices. Excellent staff very knowledgeable and friendly Top notch equipment. Staff was so kind and helpful. Made our family kayaking experience absolutely perfect!!!

Dianna Mason

Maui Kayak Rental

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Are you heading to Kihei, Kaanapali, Lahaina on Maui, or surrounding areas as part of your beach vacation? If so, then you’re going to find Hawaii remarkably restorative and relaxing. But you may tire of laying around all day and want to get up for a bit of exercise. Kayak rental Maui fun may just be what you need to stretch those muscles and see a bit of the region from a different point of view.

Affordable Kayak Rental

Ocean kayaks can be rented by the day, but are more affordable if you rent by the week. Our ocean kayaks can seat up to two people and include kayak and paddles. The rental also includes two life vests which are essential to your safety and will keep you 100% safe, even if you tip on the ocean.

The kayaks are configurable for two people, but let us know if you are going it alone, as they can be adjusted.

Kayaks are bright and colorful, from orange, white and lime green, to bright yellow. They’re perfect for taking selfies—just ensure you have a waterproof case around your device!

If you want something to do in Maui, but don’t want to do the same things you can do back at home—shopping, concerts, movies, driving—then consider booking one of our kayak rentals for your vacation.

You can simply show up at our booth to book your kayak, or you can book in advance, online. We recommend that you place your reservation online, so that you avoid disappointment. We’re approaching our busiest season and our kayak rentals in Maui can book fast. If they’re all booked on the day you’re visiting one of Maui's beaches, you may be out of luck! So, check your schedule and book now.

An ocean kayak is a different way to see Maui. You can paddle around the serene ocean and enjoy a view of the ocean, or of the big city. If you’re into photography, you’ll capture some great shots around you. If you have a waterproof camera then you’ll be able to snap some great shots in the water, or even, beneath the water. You and your friend can even splash a bit of water on each other without fears that you’re wrecking your good digital camera!

You’ll also enjoy the serene and cool waves of the ocean. You’ll be able to feel the breeze on your face. It may be hot on the beach, but once you get out on the water you’ll feel cool and refreshed. Best of all, if you’ve booked for an entire week then you can enjoy these sensations each day!

Another great aspect of padding the ocean is that you’ll have a front seat to what’s under the ocean. You’ll be able to see actual sea life beneath you. There is a whole entire ecosystem of fish, sea life, coral, and plants beneath you. You’ll be able to respectfully explore their world.

Kayaking is a whole different experience when you visit Maui. If you expected to simply hop in the pool or take a tour bus to see the sights, don’t forget that experience on the ocean awaits you too!

Best of all, kayak rentals are affordable. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an island tour, and you don’t have to listen to a tour guide drone on and on.

You can book your Maui rentals on our website, or you can call our toll free number. Have your card ready to place your deposit. If you have any questions, then please reach out to us for more information.

If you are planning for a group, you'll need a few ingredients for a perfect beach day. Good food, good drinks, beach chairs, snorkel sets, umbrellas, music and KAYAKS and/or PADDLEBOARDS. Nothing keeps the beach vibe going better than a few big toys, and everyone loves a turn on a paddleboard or kayak (and everyone else loves the show).

There's a reason that the locals suddenly remember us (their friends with the kayaks and paddleboards) when they are having their hang-outs on the beach.


Shout out to everyone staying at Makena Surf! You are great customers, and you have the perfect situation for kayak and paddleboard use on Maui. Thank You for all of the business!

Our kayaks can be configured as one-person or two-person boats. They are durable rotomold construction (read: Unsinkable). And easy to launch and land from most beaches. Each rental comes with life jackets sized for your group, kayaks, seats, paddles.

If you've got the right beach, we can bring the fun!

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